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Transform Your Approach & Results With Women 

Build Real Confidence

Handle your fear of rejection and learn how to meet women confidently. 


Ditch The Apps 

Tired of online dating? Learn how to meet women in social settings, even if you're and introvert!

Laser Sharpen Your Focus

A shotgun approach to dating gives you mis-aligned relationships, breakups, or cheating. You're gonna fix that here!

I Got A PhD - A "Player Hating Degree" 

If you're a player or looking to sleep with a bunch of women, you can leave now. I'm into helping genuine men gain bullet-proof confidence to meet more women so they can find real love. Only real love and stable relationships help men build successful lives across all dynamics of their existence. And that's what I'm about!

What I Teach WORKS - Here's Proof

I didn't read a bunch of books and then decide to regurgitate it out here on the internet. In fact, most of the dating coaches, gurus, and Youtubers in the dating space for men teach whack philosophies that are all about manipulation, harming others, and being someone you're not. My approach will make YOU a better, stronger man. I'll help you not only find the woman of your dreams, but make more real friends. Note: What I coach is line by line exactly how I found my dream girl - proof that it WORKS. 

“Dilan Jay takes the often misogynistic subject of meeting women and turns it into a borderline spiritual shift of viewpoint, all but guaranteed to change your life.”


“Dilan is able to turn a lot of our own doubts into strengths that shouldn’t be ignored and actually make you the alpha you really are.”


“Rather than reinforce the ruses or ‘special methods’ we've all come to know, Dilan urges each of us to dig deeper into what we're looking for in relationships, and more importantly, why.”


Take action TODAY to improve your love life. You will not regret it, I promise!

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